Panning For Gems

Each person will get his or her own personal claim number to the flume line.

Now you have squatter’s rights to find your treasures.

The participant starts out by scooping sand through the water and putting the sand into their sifting screen. Sift through the sand till you find your buried treasure. You will find, Rubies, Garnets, Quartz, Topaz, Amethyst and much more.

Be sure to take your time so that you won’t leave any gems behind. Don’t worry if you can’t identify all your findings, our professional staff will be there to help you. Also available are identification cards so that you can learn identify the gems yourself.

Good luck and hope you find a honker!

Gemstones of the world

Aventurine – A greenish or peach-colored quartz containing tiny mica flakes.
Quartz – The milky color is caused by small bubbles of gas and liquid.
Peridot – From the Arabic word “Faridat,” meaning gem. August birthstone.
Ruby – Called the king of precious stones. July birthstone.
Raspberry Quartz – The quartz with mica flakes gives it a raspberry color.
Topaz – From Greek word “Topazious,” meaning to seek. November birthstone.
Rose Quartz – The pinkish color of this quartz comes from the impurity titanium.
Crystal Points – This is quartz in its purest form, free of other impurities.
Sapphire – A Corundum and comes in colors including blue. September birthstone.
Obsidian – Also know as volcanic glass. Generally very deep black in color.
Smokey – Quartz dark brown, sometimes caused by exposure to natural radioactivity.
Moon Stone – A white, gray, or tan feldspar that typically emits a bluish yellow glow.
Amethyst – From the Greek word “Amethustos,” meaning sober. February birthstone.
Emerald – A beryl with traces of chromium in it. May birthstone.
Fluorite – A feldspar in colors including purple, clear, yellow, and green.
Amazonite – A greenish form of gem-quality microline.
Blue Calcite – A sedimentary material that comes in a variety of colors.
Citrine – From the French word “Citrin,” meaning yellow.
Pyrite – Better known as “Fools Gold.” Iron material that occurs in ore deposits.
Garnet – From the Latin word “Garnatus,” meaning seedlike. January birthstone