School Field Trips

The Low Ropes:

The low ropes team building course is very popular with school field trips, youth groups, outdoor clubs…..
Choose from several challenges designed to improve self confidence, develop decision making and leadership skills, improve physical fitness and have fun at the same time.

Zip Line Rides:

We offer a 400’ ft. Zip line ride over the pumpkin patch and corn field. Ages are from 3 yrs. old to an adult.

Panning for Gems:

Panning for Gems is the most popular with the kids. They pan for real gems from mines all over the world.  Each “miner” stakes out a “claim” and they are guaranteed at least 1000 carats to take home. Each miner also receives an identification card with 27 different gems:  Rubies, Emeralds, Topaz, and Amethyst…

Hay Rack Ride:

Take a hay rack ride around our 54 acres of rolling hills, wild flowers and pine trees.

Interactive Games and Inflatables:

Add one or more of our interactive games or inflatables.  Visit Morris & Company Entertainment to see your options.


Your group can bring their own lunch or we can provide a wiener roast with chips and a beverage.

Gift Shop:

Make sure the students bring some extra money to visit our gift shop filled with educational items and tokens