Low Ropes

Your group can become a team through challenging elements while experiencing an incredible adventure. Do you want to improve communication, overcome self-limiting anxieties, improve trust and cooperation and gain self-confidence and inner strength?

Adventure Quest’s Team Building Challenge Course will teach individuals to work better as a team with a common goal. The low ropes courses use physically and mentally challenging elements to encourage cooperation and trust. These specially designed elements challenge the participants to experience unfamiliar sensations, explore their feelings about personal risk-taking and offer an opportunity to gain insight and self-knowledge leading to the ability to better handle problems and difficult situations as a team and as an individual.

The challenge course is an exceptional concept requiring no experience or special physical ability. Our professionally trained and certified facilitators will guide the team through increasingly difficult elements, and the emotional and physical support of the team mates will enable the individual to push the limits of their mental concentration and overcome personal limitations. It comes as a great surprise to most at what they are able to do.